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InSpectres Is Upgraded: v2.5!

InSpectres, that crazy, free-style game of ghost-hunting and corporate shenanigans, has gone and upgraded itself to version 2.5 - the same great mechanics you know and love, but with rules clarifications, a fab new layout and (gasp) art! The groovy thing is, if you've already shelled out for InSpectres 2.0, the upgrade to 2.5 is absolutely FREE!

And if you've not shelled out for InSpectres yet... well, what the hell are you waiting for? Especially you Australian gamers - with the rising dollar, it's even cheaper than when I bought it! In fact, as of this writing, the PDF will only set you back $13.60! So get your credit cards out! Support the indie RPG scene (and have a bloody good laugh while you do)! Surprise the heck out of your friends next session with the most fun they've had playing an RPG!

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