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Got My Stuff Back

I finally managed to catch up with Boots for about ten minutes yesterday. In between not doing particularly much (we decided we'd clam up and stay home this weekend, even to the extent of turning down an invitation to "do something" from Dan), I dropped over Boots' place on Saturday evening to pick up my Xbox and Crimson Skies minis (I imagine Dan will be wanting to drop over ASAP). Boots was, unfortunately, a little too busy to actually play the thing, but he reckons his brother had a blast, so as long as someone got some entertainment value out of it in our absence. In the meantime, I've loaned him the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novel I picked up in the UK. It's quite different to the movie, in plot and overall tone (very quirky, to say the least; as written, it wouldn't have made a commercial film at all).

This morning, I fired up MechAssault and tried to get through that mission where I've been stuck for several months ("Thor on the Rocks"), and to my surprise, completed it in one hit. Buoyed by my surprising success, I decided to give the next mission a go, but got clobbered, so I think I'll leave that one for a few months as well.

In between, I'm re-playing the first few missions of Homeworld2. It's a tricky game to master, all right, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of fleet management (maybe). I also started to have crash problems when loading up games, but thankfully, the latest Catalyst driver set from ATi seems to have fixed them.

GameSpot is offering a one-month trial of Sony's PlanetSide Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, and I downloaded the client via Telstra's GameArena servers (so it doesn't count toward our monthly limit). I've done a little fossicking around, but the (albeit limited) experience thus far has been rather underwhelming. Of the three servers, the lowest ping is Europe, and even then the response time runs in the three and four hundreds.

Yesterday, I wound up spending about an hour on the SciFi.com chat rooms, to get in on a guest chat with Ron Moore, writer for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, and the man who set the creative direction for, and wrote the first draft script of, SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica remake (final writing credit is shared with Christopher Eric James). It was an interesting chat, if not too informative, and I managed to get a question or two in. What was really good was that Ron actually stuck around after the half-hour moderated chat wound up.

What no-one asked him - and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of this - was where he stands on the schism that threatens to divide the new mini-series: whether Katee Sackhoff's dog should be cast as the new Muffit (the robot dog in the old Galactica). Edward James Olmos, the new Commander Adama, is all for it. Executive producer David Eick is against it. Whither standeth Moore? I have no idea, and that's why I'm kicking myself for not having thought to ask.

The Galactica 2003 website - sort of the core of fandom on the new series (and supposely home to some who've been committing unsanctioned mischief in its name) has been listing some of the positive and negative reviews on the new show, and from what I've seen of it (via the web-based, behind-the-scenes documentaries and stuff) I can understand both sides of the good/bad argument. I still want to see it for myself, though. Pierre, are you still okay to tape it? Parts 1 and 2 are back-to-back from 7 PM (Eastern, I think) on Tuesday the Ninth.

I keep fiddling with my new BSG rant, but it's become more a means of clarifying my thinking and less (in my opinion) of publishable editorial. Then again, I think I'm just procrastinating myself out of actually writing something out.

Christmas is coming up, and I'm looking forward to ten days of raw present shopping mania after I get paid. I still have to figure out what to get some people.

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