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Closing the Wiki Down?

Speaking of wikis: A little earlier, I went into the IMAGinES Wiki to see whether anyone had made any changes recently. I also wanted to make a couple of updates myself: it's been a few weeks since our last attempt at getting together for Stars on the Move and with Christmas fast upon us I don't think anyone will have time until after New Year's, so I thought I'd adjust the SotM pages accordingly.

I discovered that several updates had been made, but not my myself or any of my friends. An individual or individuals unknown had created four user-IDs and used them to vandalise the site, removing content and substituting it with hidden code, presumably intended for Google-spamming or some other hit-boosting exercise.

About ten minutes' work saw the changes rolled back with little trouble, but it's a bit disheartening to see that in the last few months, the only people to edit the Wiki at all have been myself and the aforementioned vandals. Although I know a few of you were keen on seeing a new IMAGinES Wiki for the commencement and continuance of Lexicon games, none of those people signed up for a topic or suggested one of their own.

I'm also wondering whether the benefit of having the Wiki pages for Stars on the Move is worth the maintenance, especially as things seem to have ground to a halt for the moment (that's no criticism of my players; there's really nothing more we can do unless / until the pilot episode). Most of the use the Wiki has seen since I set it up again has been as my personal, online notepad, and I already have a paper one that I don't use enough.

There is the option of investigating a more secure alternative to MediaWiki, but considering the limited interest that everyone bar myself has taken at the moment, I'm not really sure it's worthwhile.

So, folks, especially those of you who were keen on the whole Wiki/Lexicon Game idea, do you intend to use the Wiki anytime soon? I'll wait a month before making a decision.

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I'm in for another Lexicon game.
I wanna be a madde scientist.
And a socialite matron.
And a UFO obsessed redneck.

I'm crap with topics tho...

Know anyone else we can hook in, Lauren? As you probably know, a Lexicon needs at least four, and only really starts to hum with five to six.

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