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Palm Pilots and Riverstone Raiders

My Palm III is working again, complete with an OS upgrade from 3.0 to 3.3. Itís still way behind the modern units, but frankly I think itíll do what I need it to Ė which isnít much really Ė just fine. (Turns out there was a serial port on my PC, so now I have a dual-serial-port adapter that I donít need. Iíll ask Paul about returning it.) A few Thunderbird plug-ins have allowed me to sync the Palm III with my Mozilla Address Book, so I have names, addresses and phone numbers readily available. Iíve also bought some rechargeable AAAs, so hopefully I shouldnít be spending heaps on new batteries every so often.

The printer, on the other hand, is still eluding me Ė mainly because Iíve done bugger all about it in the last couple of weeks. Paul suggested a solution, which was to turn off all firewalls and antivirus software on both our PCs before I try hooking up to the printer (shared on Vickieís PC) again. I will get around to it. Soon. Ish.

Then again, the manís trying to hook Vickie and I into EVE Online, so Iím not sure how trustworthy he is. You know, ulterior motives and all that.

(Okay, wait a moment Ė if he were trying to hook me in, heíd want to give me reliable advice, so Iíd trust his word about how much fun is. Then again, heís dealing MMO, and we know what that shit does to people. So maybe heís in some sort of skewed, game-induced state where heís pretending to help me but really stabbing me in the back at the same time. I mean, apparently that shit happens in EVE Online all the time.)

In the meantime, Iíve been playing Winter Assault. Having twice the RAM frees up enough system resources that I can crank up the detail levels, and now, all the little men (or Orks, or Eldar or Chaos Demon-Thingies) and all the little vehicles (or lizards or big Chaos Demon-Thingies) look absolutely fantastic as they charge about shooting each other.

Also, playing the Imperial Guard is a blast, so much so that Iím even thinking of switching sides: So long, Kara-Thenn; hello, 63rd Riverstone Raiders. Iíve even worked up a badge (easy, as Imperial Guard units use a stencilled number Ė an actual banner will be tricky, though) and colour scheme (using the colour scheme for my website) for them. Pics will be posted as soon as I do some screen-grabs. Iím hoping to catch some online action soon; I know a few of you already have the Dawn of War expansion, and I think Iím slowly bringing Andy out of his Civilization IV-induced stupor; heís already downloaded the DoW demo.

Iíve even done some tweaking to my other games, including Homeworld2 and Star Wars Republic Commando so that I can see how much better they look. The Sims 2 runs as shit as ever, unfortunately.

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You play Sims 2 and you are fearful of an MMO?? Rob, rob, rob... I think the little simulated people have corrupted your mind.

Hee! No, my good Salidar! "Play" is the wrong term. "Sporadically fiddle with before getting bored and frustrated at the frame rates and loading something else instead" is more correct.

More often than not, I'm playing Winter Assault and Homeworld2 these days. I'm also thinking of re-installing Freelancer to see how it looks with more of the shinies turned on.

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