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Smithfield Sprint

Vickie and I finally made a dash out to Smithfield today, to check out the Toyworld store there and its stocks of miniature painting supplies. The first thing I noticed is that it wasnít really a dash as I thought; it was more like a trek. For you Sydneysiders, imagine driving from Normanhurst to Parramatta, thatís about how long it took us. I thought Smithfield was much closer to Cairns proper!

Still, they have a fairly decent line of Warhammer 40,000 books, kits and blisters, pretty much concentrating on the major sides (Marines, Imperial Guard, Chaos and Orks). They also have some Lord of the Rings stuff. No, no Mongoose or any other miniatures. The rest of their hobby range is devoted to model kits.

Now, it looks as though the only water-based paint in town is Citadel Miniaturesí line of paints, a pot of which will set me back $5. (Acrylic and enamel based paints are cheaper, but I learned on and know water-based.) So, letís say I wanted a few pots: black, white, blue, red, yellow, green (for the Mobile Infantry armour), gun metal (for the guns) and flesh-tone (for the MI faces), a selection of brushes, a scalpel and some extra blades. For those, Iíd be paying around $60.

Right at the moment, I think Iíll hold off until after Christmas before spending that much (I might even spend more, as spray-primers are around $20 per can, and ink washes are also a tempting option).

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