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Raiders, Te-en SHUN!

Here they are: the 63rd Riverstone Raiders, my Imperial Guard army paint scheme for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Winter Assault and some of the hardest bastards to serve the Emperor of Man in the dark and distant future.

Firstly, here are the men of the fighting 63rd. The two gents with swords are, on the left, the Commissar - the squad's morale officer, empowered to shoot his own men to keep the rest fighting - and, on the right, the Sergeant. You'll notice that behind and to the left of the Sergeant is a trooper wielding a big weapon - that's a Grenade Launcher.

Guardsmen with Commissar

One of the things I like about the Guard is that their unit insignia is simple - a stencilled number. No need for fancy insignia that are hard to make out at a distance. So it was a matter of minutes designing, saving and setting up the insignia for the Guard, unlike the days it took me to come up with something decent for the Kara-Thenn. (Of course, I still need a banner for the 63rd, which will take some time...)

Regiment Command

The command centre and primary deployment point for the 63rd. This field command building has actually been upgraded twice; the observation tower and sat-com dish are additions. It can serve as shelter for up to three Guard squads - almost all Imperial Guard buildings serve as bunkers for infantry, and troopers can cross between them without exposing themselves to fire using underground tunnels. Note the reinforced viewports; they allow ensconced troops to shoot from safety. In the background are two generators and an occupied Relic with a Listening Post.

Infantry Command

This is an Infantry Command Bunker. It expands the Guard's zone of command, as well as allowing special units like a Command Squad and Ogryns (more on both later) to be built. Like Field Command, it can serve as shelter for up to three Guard squads

Dropped Building

Another neat thing about the regiment's logo is that, whenever you commence construction on a building, the logo appears on the crates of construction gear that get dropped from orbit. You'll notice the turbines that have fallen to either side of this large crate; these are jets that slow the crate's descent and cushion its impact. (Unlike Space Marine kit, which is rugged enough to hit hard.)


Those crates you saw earlier? They were for a Mechanised Command building. One of the vehicles that can be built at a Mechanised Command is this leggy beast: a Sentinel. It's a light scout and assault unit.

Chimera and Ogryns

As Guardsmen on foot are slow and fairly fragile, tracked APCs called Chimeras can be built to ferry them across the battlefield and deploy them at the front. The back of one (gotta represent) is seen here, along with a squad of Ogryns. Many generations ago, their ancestors were humans who set up a colony on a high-gravity world, and these guys were the result: Not fast, not so bright, but very strong and very tough.

And this is the toughest of them all:


This monstrosity is very, very hard to kill and (as you can see) a veritable hedgehog of huge-bore hurtin'. That's why a Guard regiment can only have one at a time, and it takes a captured Relic, a hefty research project and a specialised building (not the one in the background; that's just a regular Mechanised Command as mentioned above) to get it. But one's enough.

Oh, almost forgot. Here's my alter-ego:

General Farquhar

Bet you didn't think I was so good looking, eh?

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We'll have to play sometime now you've got the expack.

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