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chopping wood, carrying water

For the first time in a little while, I've established yet another category within the IMAGinES web log: House and Home. I have no doubt that it wouldn't surprise you that I have a lot to learn when it comes to keeping house, but I think there's something worthwhile in discussing my discovery of what it takes to just live every day (instead of parking my arse in front of my PC, typing web log posts and playing games), and the value of the skills therein. Thus, I've jestingly subtitled this category, Embracing the Zen of Domesticity.

Hey, I figure if Greg Dean can go to cookery school, I can renovate a kitchen.

This all started last week, when Vickie and I were talking about the possibility of my getting out of the RPG hobby. (Yes, I was considering it, and if we don't have much luck up here re: gamers in the next twelve months, I may consider it again.) The main question was, if I did decide to give it up, what else could I take up to replace it.

It's a tricky question, especialy as there's not much like it in the way of social activities, and I have the feeling Cairns mightn't have a strong book club scene. (You never know, though.) Ultimately, I wanted to do something that was similarly social, that gets us out to meet people. Vickie suggested landscape gardening, which I don't think is quite my scene - too much sun (which I don't function well in) and hard labour, not to mention little in the way of getting to know people.

The judges are still out on the subject of new hobbies, although I'm wondering whether the Greg Dean avenue of cooking classes might be a good choice - but in the meantime, I'd like to do something to improve our place, and our kitchen seems liek a good place to start. More on that soon.

But to wind this post off, I'd just like to skip back to that jesting title - Embracing the Zen of Domesticity. I remember I read a quote in one of Spider & Jeanne Robinson's Star Dancers trilogy: "Magical power, marvellous action! chopping wood, carrying water..." It's something I've accepted intellectually for a while, but never really understood until recently. I might ahve mentioned that a few weeks ago, we had some tree-loppers over to do cyclone preparation on our yard. Branches were removed from trees, with our lychee tree seeing the heaviest pruning. The cut branches were all mulched, and we kept the mulch - they even gave us an extra pile from a prior place that wanted their mulch taken away. (I'll dig up the photos I took.) We've had family over to help clear them on my ownmyself - and it's been good work, if you know what I mean. It's hard work, but I feel better (although exhausted and sweaty) after I've done it.

I'm actually looking forward to doing a little more tonight!

Bet you never thought you'd read that, eh?

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Nope! LOL


Rob? Hard at work? After doing IT for how long? Wow! What a concept! ;)

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