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I deserve to go to Hell for this.

It's rude, snide and insulting - heck, if I never hook up with any gamers in Cairns, at least I'll know I'm paying my dues.

But I just had to share it with y'all:

    "What kinds of RPGs d'you play here, ma'am?"

    "Oh, we play both kinds: Dungeons and Dragons!"

Never, ever gonna get a game again.

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Who's ya Dom baby?


Bah! Conan D20 is far better than vanilla D&D anyways. :)

I'll be running a D&D/NWN Freeform at Pheno06...

Should I just give up now?

Heh heh heh! Lauren, it's called being a snob! Everyone is one sooner or later, and that was my bout of it!

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