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Food, Food and More Food

What's been happening over the past few days? What's happening tonight, and again tomorrow?

Food, that's what.

  • Firstly: David, one of my colleagues, finished his advertising sales traineeship with flying colours today. Of course, big Morning Tea was had, including a platter of lavish rolls (I feel sure that should be lavash rolls, but hey) from Woolies' Deli, plus bread, stuffed peppers, olives and salami from Dave's dad's deli, as well as sausage rolls and spinach and fetta rolls from Brumby's (for those of you down South, Queensland competitor to Baker's Delight). As I'm fond of saying, with a morning tea like that who needs lunch?
  • Next, today is Vickie's son Karl's birthday, so barbecue at our place tonight with yours truly on the tongs. Steak, snags, the works.
  • Thirdly - okay, this one needs a little back story. The admin team of Renee and myself have been busting our humps while some of the sales reps have taken their dseserved annual leave. Although mistakes have been made (on my part mostly), we've done a damned good job; so much so that the firm has sprung for an all-expense-paid lunch for each of us (and our partners where appropriate). So Vickie and I are going to be having a nice, relaxing long lunch at Tides, a waterside bar in Cairns, tomorrow afternoon. Toni, my manager, has assured me that we should not worry about cost. (I think she knows that we don't get that hungry...)
  • And finally, our traditional Pre-Christmas Bash is barely over a week away. On the evening of Saturday, December the 10th, family, friends and colleagues will be charging over to Riverstone Road for some food and fun (booze BYO). Batteries for the camera will be charged and photos WILL be taken.

Somehow, I don't think Vickie or I will need to eat at all until Christmas Day...

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