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It Let Me In! It Let Me In!

Clinton Nixon has applied a recent round of fixes to his FindPlay gamer-finder application, and now it's finally letting us Aussies - even ones in Cairns - sign up!

I'm in! What about you?

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Are you interested at all in the PBEM Amber game?
Now(ish) would be a good time to introduce your character.

If you decide to take on Gideon, he's got total amnesia so you won't need too much background knowlege...
or I can help you build a character of your own. It can be a shadow dweller from any pop culture world you like. I'm playing a character from the Myst Computer Games in this one... I'm sure I've told you over and over about my Muppet - same GM.
Boi played a Bladerunner in one of his campaigns.
I'm sure that a shapeshifter from bubblegun crisis won't be too hard to bang together... or something from Spider Robinson's worlds.
Hey! that reminds me! - I'm still waiting for the next chapter!

Hi, Lauren,

I've had a look at the pages and traded the odd post with the admin, and - I'm just not getting that "Hey, this is keen! I'd love to be a part of this!" feeling, or even a "This does look interesting! I'll have to give it some more thought." I've not come up with a character concept, let alone one I'd feel comfortable playing. The campaign's just - not quite me.

So thank you very much for the offer, and I really do appreciate the spirit of helping a friend out of his no-gaming rut that it was made in, but I'll pass.

Hey, that's cool... was just a thought.
My next thought is, of course Pheno! - June Long Weekend...
If yous can get to Sydney, I can give you a lift.

:-D We'll see how we go, Lauren! Thank you!

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