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Tweakin', Tweakin', Tweakin'...

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting this web log looking more the way I want it to look. I still have a fair bit to go:

  • I want to widen the main page so that the post text doesn't look so crammed in.
  • I want to sort out the headers of the Archives and Individual Pages so that the IMAGinES graphic appears everywhere, as well as make sure the heading lines up properly (which it doesn't right now).

But by and large, I like what I have so far! It's still a bit on the generic side, but I'm pretty happy regardless!

In case you've not already seen the Powered By: box at the bottom left, I'd like to direct any and all Movable Type users to two web sites:

UPDATE: Okay, I've fixed the main page size issue, but now all the archives look dodgy, and I'm not sure how to correct them. Time to hit the Movable Type support forum - as soon as I remember my password...

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Okay, this is a test of the new Comment screening system Ideally, I should be able to both set myself up as an approved commenter and approve my own comment before it's posted. Let's see if it works...

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