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They Only Lack The Light To Show The Way....

You know, it's odd; I've not really ever been a big fan of Superman. Never read more than one or two direct-edition comics, bought a couple of the graphic novels. Saw all the Christopher Reeve movies, but haven't been watching Smallville much. Watched with ambivalence as the tiller of the New Movie bounced from Tim Burton to Brett Rattner, and as the Hot Script What Them Internet Kiddies Love award bounced from Burton to Kevin Smith (although, much as I love Nicolas Cage, I was glad that the idea of him in the lead role was ditched).

But... I saw the teaser trailer for Superman Returns and I felt a sense of wonder and anticipation that I haven't felt in a little while.

Maybe it's just that wonderful music by John Williams - and it didn't even have to use the main theme, just that grand piece written for the planet Krypton. Maybe it was hearing Marlon Brando in the part of Jor-El once again. Maybe it was a little nostalgia, given the recent passing of Chris Reeve.

And of course, tonight was That Episode of Smallville, where Tom Welling's Clark Kent meets eccentric billionaire scientist, Virgil Swann, played by the late Christopher Reeve himself. There again were John Wiliams' themes, the sense that although the confused teen is still with us, the man in the red cape isn't far away.

Nonetheless, somehow it just feels right to have a Superman movie come out now, especially one that shows such affection for its cinematic predecessor.

And for a character I've never been much interested in - I'm really looking forward to experiencing a new tale of the Man of Steel. I find it heartening that even in a day when companies and governments are seen to act against the best interests of the people they serve, we can imagine a character who uses great power unstintingly in the service of all of us. It's even more heartening that even today, we don't want to see that character brought low, made cynical, become a cautionary tale against what evil man would do when granted power.

I could use a little light every now and again.

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"I could use a little light every now and again."

So say we all!


I have been a Superman fan for over 20 years. Watched the old black and white with George Reeves. Seen every Superman cartoon and JL/JLU cartoon ever made. Seen all of the original 4-some of movies. Watched every episode of Lois and Clark (That's dedication) and have seen many of the Smallville episodes, not all though as it was up against Angel in the US for a long time. And that's not to mention the comics that I have read and/or collected over the years. Used to have a first edition Death of Superman, but lost it ages ago.

Now, all that said. I have high hopes for the movie but quite honestly I am upset by a few decisions. Namely the casting of Kal-el and Luthor, and the suit. Suit doesn't look right to me. Supes has a look that has been established for 66 years. While I love Kevin Spacey. Luthor and Clark are supposed to be very close in age. Within 5 years at the outside, 2-3 is better. It's just part of canon lore and they are stepping away from it. That is going to upset a lot of long-time fans.

I hope that I am wrong and the movie is stellat and I don't notice the inconsistencies. I hope.

I don't need to say much about my anticipation for those that know me. I have been a Superfan for as long as I can remember. I'll reserve judgement until it's viewed.

Glad that you picked up on what makes the World's Biggest Boy Scout the man Rob!


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