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Shock Scandal: Polite Theory Discussion on RPGnet!

Not so long ago, one of the 20' by 20' Room's contributors posted a link to a thread on RPGnet started by someone trying to nut out some RPG theory - a feat made more noteworthy in that the profile of the average RPGnet poster includes an allergy to theory (pr perhaps, in all fairness, High Jargon Theory).

Now, someone has asked for an explanation of the Big Model, a theoretical construct proposed, discussed and refined on the Forge that attempts to analyse long-term roleplay in order to identify what people, as individuals and groups, find fun, and what methods encourage and support that fun.

And so far, aside from the odd "hey, don't be a jerk" post (mostly responded to with "I'm not trying to be a jerk, I just don't get this"), it's gone for around one hundred posts without degenrating into a flame war - in other words, we've had around a hundred posts of people honestly grappling with concepts, discussing what they do and/or don't get and how they find the Big model may aply/may not apply to them and/or how they game.

Once again, this is noteworthy because the profile of the average RPGnet poster includes an allergy to the Forge (pr perhaps, in all fairness, the High Jargon Theory that gets bounced around a lot there). I have seen RPGnet forum threads degenerate into flames with much less fodder and in far fewer posts.

That's what I call fucking impressive.

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No, when you get a Palladium thread on RPG.Net that doesn't turn into a flamewar, *that's* fucking impressive. :)

Fascinating stuff Rob. I can remember some interesting Anthropological discussions around gaming when I was at College. I going to have to check if anyone has a serious study. I know of psychological studies, but not Anthropological, at least none that have been puplically published.

Gav: Heh heh, yeah! I know what you mean! I ususally stay out of Palladium threads for that reason!

Dan: If you're interested, you might want to check out some of the essays over on the Forge. They've recently closed down their thory section - the site owners reckon it's served its purpose - but they're still doing lots of Actual Play.

As a recommendation octaNe is one of the games that can be directly traced back to the Forge and its progenitorforums on the Gaming Outpost.

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