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Case Options

Well, while having a break from getting ready for tonight's Pre-Christmas Bash '05, I had a browse of PC Case Gear. I'm planning to put an order in for that 12cm fan grille after my next pay, but a couple of other things have caught my eye.

  • You know how I was writing about geting a new case for myself next year? Well, I'm rather liking the look of this one: a GMC H-60. It looks pretty good, it has side-mounted USB ports and existing front and rear cooling fans (not to mention a fairly spiffy aperture for the front fan). The only problem is the aperture ont he left hand side for pulling air onto the CPU fan; the left side of my PC is up against the inside left hand side of my desk. Of course, I could cut some more holes into my desk...
  • I was also thinking about getting this Thermoelectric Cooler as an alternative to a water-cooling kit. However, word-of-mouth on the Atomic forums is pretty negative on this beast, so I think I'll save my beans for either a Gigabyte Galaxy or the slightly cheaper (and more funky-looking) Thermaltake BigWater SE.

So, not including shipping, I'd be able to buy the case for barely just under $60. And I'll get a couple of tubes of some decent thermal paste too.

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(cough splutter choke) Sheesh, Lozz! Do I look like I'm made outta money?

Vickie and I will never get to Cambodia at that rate!

Awesome looking cases, though... :-D

I got a guardian with a 400W ps from aus pc market for $60...

$60, eh?

Tempting... if I can find one for that cheap...

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