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Tags for Ten Most Recent Comments (Commenter and Title Only)

UPDATE 11 Jul 2006: I just discovered some better code that actually gives me what I'm after. The code below does not reflect the current setup of my site.

Because I couldn't find it anywhere else, here's the code I put together for the Recent Comments list you now see in the Log column on the left:

<MTEntries recently_commented_on="10">
<MTComments lastn="1">

<li class="module-list-item">
<a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>#comment-<$MTCommentID$>"><$MTCommentAuthor$></a> on <a href="<$MTEntryPermalink$>"><$MTEntryTitle$></a>


This sort of links list is showing up in TypePad-driven web logs all over the place, but for whatever reason, no-one seems to have the code available so that MT users can incorporate one into their blogs.

I'd also like to find some easy way of converting HTML tags into ∧lt;-type text without lots of copying, pasting and cursing.

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