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My Battlestar Rant at Cylon Alliance

You know that Battlestar Galactica rant that I've mentioned on and off recently? Immediately after I wrote it, I sent it to the moderator of the Cylon Alliance, the Two-Brained Cylon, for possible posting. He was kept busy by a few things and didn't put it up on the CA website at the time.

Since then, we moved onto other things, and on subsequent readngs, the rant began to look less sensical and more bitchy. Also, the Cylon Alliance team has done a phenomenal job of digging up more information on the "Might Have Been" shows - especially the aborted Singer/DeSanto effort - that puts paid to some (okay, a lot) of my argument.

It was during the most recent fossick of their recently-revamped website that I discovered a new "Articles" link under their section for the original series. I clicked on it and, lo and behold, there's my rant.

At least it has a highlighted disclaimer before and after. I wish I could put my own up stating that it was written under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and/or heroin, but the only drug I can perhaps blame it on is a sudden and sustained upswing in testosterone. Even through there are some pie-eyed diehards on the CA boards, there are a lot of intelligent people on there whom I don't like to think I pissed off. (Then why'd you write the damned thing in the first place, shithead?)

I'm not sure whether I'm glad that it's still laid out in the pre-renovation style; while it's good that it's a low priority for renovation, it indicates it's been up a while. Still, you might find it worthwhile as a further insight into my psyche.

And to anyone from CA who stumbles across this website after reading that rant - sorry. I'm still keen on the new series, but I'm not proud of that particular piece of writing. I can't even bring myself to read it right now, I just can't.

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