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Like Afternoon Coffee

I don't know whether you used to have these in Australia, but back in the UK, we used to have this device called a "coffee percolator". Whenever Mum and/or Dad wanted a coffee, they'd plug this cross between a kettle and a jug in, perform motions with coffee grounds and water (don't ask me what they were, I can't remember) and then leave this device to... well, percolate. It'd sit there for ten minutes or so, making odd gurgling, bubbling noises, usually followed by a "click". You didn't have to monitor or tend to it at all, but those weird noises - loud enough to be noticed, but not quite loud enough to distract - kept you aware that some strange process was occuring that would eventually produce hot, drinkable coffee. (I think it was before the days of instant and home plungers.)

I mention ths percolator because I've had posting-related thoughts bubbling and gurgling away in my head while I've been working today (which has been, as I'm sure you can imagine, rather distracting for my colleagues). Rather than poke and prod, I've just let them percolate away, making the odd note in my notebook. From the grounds that have been going in lately - sampling the atmosphere in a few "local" pubs in Britain and reading Bill Bryson's The Lost Continent (I bought it, along with Notes from a Big Country and Made In America, at the Waterstone's Bookstore in Manchester airport for the flight home) - and based on the notes made thus far, I think this percolating is going to result in two brews: an Editorial about the differences between Australian and British pub culture, and a Musing-size revelation about American consumer culture.

Still, knowing how my writing tends to balloon as I work on it, you might wind up with two Editorials this week.

I've been making notes in my notebook, and I think I'll be spending some time turning them into fully-fledged prose this evening. With any luck, I'll have percolated something publishable some time tonight.

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