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Early Wet Sunday

Morning, all. I was up after half past five this morning, and Vickie was actually up before me. I was also second to bed last night. This jet lag is really monkeying with us; I’m usually first up of a morning and first to bed. The weather since Friday has been almost constant rain. I feel as though I should apologise or something; it’s as if it wanted to come back with us from the UK and only just caught up with us on Friday. Still, it does mean that the dreaded mowing of the lawn has been postponed to next week...

Not much planned today. I’ll be making a dash into Hornsby soon; I need to buy a new monthly train ticket for when I go back to work tomorrow (got to get ready for that too), and the film from our holidays that I dropped off yesterday should be ready to pick up today. We’ll start scanning them in and get them posted where possible.

I’ve set up a new folder for draft postings on my system, and I moved some of my older drafts to it. I ran my eye over that Battlestar Galactica rant I said I was going to put up months ago, and I really don’t like it. With the SciFi.com promo machine gearing up for the “re-imagined” miniseries screening in fourteen days, it’s beginning to look like a moot point anyway. I do sometimes wish that someone in classic BSG fandom would put a FAQ of the fans’ grievances together; it’d probably make things easier for those trying to figure out the precise nature of their issues.

A BSG fan site has posted some newly-released images of the re-designed Galactica. Frankly, I quite like the new look; it still retains the general outline of the classic design, and it also manages to both sleeken it and make it look somewhat decrepit. I’m hoping that, if SciFi green-lights a series, they decide to slowly build the hull plating back up as it goes along; I think a smooth, fully-armoured neo-Galactica would be something to see.

In an effort to broaden my browsing (I’ve kept visiting the same sites a lot lately), I’ve been following the ever-changing links on Movable Type’s Recently Updated list. As I’ve donated some funds to MT, my site will appear there whenever I put a new post up. There’s some very interesting stuff there; the photographically minded really ought to check out rion.nu, which is sort of a photo-journal of a New Yorker’s life. He / She has quite the eye.

I tried to watch the Rugby Grand Final last night, but the TV was giving me headaches, so I chatted with Michael Z via ICQ after the first half. I stayed up to get the final score, though. My commiserations to our side. Considering their first half performance – their grip on the ball in the wet seemed their biggest problem – it’s good to see that Australia made a second half comeback, even if they couldn’t quite pull a win. Congrats to a storming England side as well.

It was a good party at Dan and Lesley’s last night. Emily and Gabrielle liked their presents (at least, we think so), and we got to catch up with John and Claudette, who we’ve not seen in a while (Claudette especially so; I think the last time we saw her was Christmas last year).

We’ll probably spend some time planning our Christmas party today. We’ve got a rough idea of when, but we’ve yet to send any general notices out so we can see who’ll be available. In contrast, Vickie and I are thinking of having a very anti-social Christmas Day. Our first Christmas together was spent at Mum and Dad’s, and the second was split between family and the open-door party at Dan and Lesley’s, so despite the lovely offer from Dan and Lesley to pop over again this year (for which we’re very grateful), we think we’re overdue for at least one Christmas all to ourselves.

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