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Back from Old Blighty

Hello all once again! Vickie and I have returned home from the UK. Our plane landed at ten past seven this morning, and we walked in our front door at nine! We've yet to do any serious un-packing, and boy is there a lot of it awaiting us.

We're both very jet-lagged. Vickie's sleeping it off right now, and although I've been using the intervening time to check out my purchase of Equilibrium and catch up on my regular web sites, I can feel a wave of tiredness bearing down on me, so I probably won't be too far behind.

The Cazman has left the place in (we think) better condition than he found it, for which we are very thankful. Plus, there's half a bottle of Coke and half a Cadbury's Fruit & Nut block in the fridge that weren't there when we left, for which I am extremely thankful; the Coke is keeping me awake to write this post. He'll be popping over in an hour to give us his copies of our house keys back, but we really ought to do something for that boy soon. Dan's already called us once; apparently he's been kicking butt in Crimson Skies while we were away and wants to brag, as well as discuss the finer points of The Matrix: Revolutions.

Anyway, I'll get to work on an extended posting sometime in the next day or two, complete with photos (once we get the films developed).

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