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Good Hotel Hunting

Afternoon, everyone. I'm back at Prestwich Library again. It's Sunday, and I'm foregoing (or at least postponing) a Sunday Roast Lunch in order to look up some hotels near the Victoria Coach Station that we can book a few nights at. A quck search on Google turned up a site that Vickie found shortly before we left (but, although she bookmarked it, neither of us thought to write the URL down in our trip notebook), and there are a few promising places, but no phone numbers for them - the only booking option is an online system. Still, I have their names and addresses, so a phone call to the local directory service this afternoon should see us right.

At the moment, we're planning to head down to London tomorrow morning via coach - which means we need to get the room bookings and coach tickets sorted out pronto. We want to spend a full day in London if we can (at this stage, that's looking like Tuesday) and then pop off to see the Roger (Wednesday). Afterward, we're going to head up to Bristol to hook up with a web-friend of Vickie's, Maurice. We were hoping to get together with some of Vickie's family in Gloucester on Friday - except Friday is when they all head off for some holidays themselves, so instead we'lll just be going straight back to Manchester from Bristol.

I'll probably be back on in a week to let you know how we did.

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