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Ruddy English keyboards...

Morning (or evening, as the case may be), everyone! I'm writing this post at the Internet terminal at the Prestwich Library! One of the first things I discovered is that, for some unknown reason, the quotation marks (") and the @ symbol are swapped around. It made putting up a new comment on my own website awkward until I figured out what was wrong.

I made a page of notes on the things I wanted to put in this post, but left the notebook back at Gran's place. So I'll have to work from memory here - which might just result in a tighter post.

Firstly, as you've probably guessed, we arrived safely and whole.The only eventful moments on the plane were spilled cups of tea due to turbulence and the odd in-flight movie. I managed to catch up on The Hulk (which was fun) and 2 Fast 2 Furious (which had about as much plot as I expected, but was fun nonetheless).

Some thoughts from the flight:

  • Singapore seems to like to keep the lights of its office buildings on at night. It might burn up a lot of power, but it looks pretty darned impressive when you're coming in. (Think of that scene near the end of Ghost in the Shell but with shorter buildings.)
  • Dubai might be trying to be the world's next Roswell, given the chrome UFOs in the roof.
  • Let no-one tell you flying Economy class on an Airbus A330 isn't cramped. That person is a filthy liar. What's worse is when the seat numbers indicate you're finally getting a window seat after two legs of center-rows - and you discover when you sit down that you're at one of those few seats where the "window" seat is actually solid bulkhead.
  • Oh, yeah, and this one is the big one: do NOT, I say again, do NOT take a twenty-hour-plus trip without stopovers. Seriously; take at least ten hours to get out, stretch your legs, get a shower and maybe some kip. The alternative is too horrendous to mention here, trust me.

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