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Heaving On A Jet Plane

Well, my bags are packed, I'm on the plane
I have to eat airline food again
I hate to bring it up, but it won't stay down (won't stay do-own)...

- Loosely attributed to the Scared Weird Little Guys

Suitcases packed - check.
Backpack packed - check.
Toiletries bag packed - check.
Money for dinner at the airport - check.
British currency for our arrival - check.
Lawn mowed - check.
Vital and emergency phone numbers - check.
House keys to the Cazman - check.
Backups done - check.
Plane tickets - check.
Computers powered off and unplugged - in a minute.
Dan to give us a lift to the airport - on his way.

Well, everyone, this is it - we're hoff to Hengland for two wheeks. I'll see if I can sneak a few posts while we're there, but photos are going to have to wait until after we get back, because I doubt we'll have use of a scanner. If I don't get near to a computer long enough to put something solid up, our best to you all, and we'll see you after the twentieth.

Oh, and if you see this man:

The Anti-Christ - or just a Nexus-6?

in or around our place before we get back, please don't call the police.

(Call an exorcist instead.)

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