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Site History

IMAGinES kicked off during 1997, when I wanted to build my own website. It started off with material for roleplaying games; rules, characters and the like. It changed, grew and mutated over the proceeding four years; I experimented with frames, fiddled with FrontPage and dabbled with design. Eventually, however, IMAGinES began to stagnate. I wasn't investing any time in keeping it up to date or organised. New sections were added almost as afterthoughts, and as for planning, well...

In mid-2001, I began to seriously consider revamping the site. I didn't like its layout, it didn't do what I wanted it to well, and it probably wasn't the easiest to navigate either. (I'm biased, I designed the thing.) I also wanted to put new material on the site; I wanted to challenge myself by making a serious commitment to practising writing and adding new material.

After the NecronomiCon 13 roleplaying convention in early October, for which I wrote and ran an adventure, I decided to kick off the redevelopment work. I eliminated the old, frame-based page setup (which was intermittently implemented) in favour of a table-based layout that was easier on lower resolutions. I also learned cascading style sheet formatting in an attempt to make the site easier to maintain and update.

I also cleaned out some of the old content, some of which contained pictures that may have at least bent the old legal usage laws a bit. I decided that IMAGinES would be about my writing, even if it was based on or supplementary to other work, and it's my writing which I hope to keep you coming back to read more of.

The problem was, manually cutting and pasting and re-writing HTML code made updating the site enough of a chore that I didn't put new stuff up as often as I would have preferred. A few months ago (mid-2003), I started thinking about using a content management system such as Movable Type (which I discovered through Wil Wheaton Dot Net); not only would it make updating my site relatively easy, but it would also allow me to set up a website for my lady Vickie that she could add to and maintain without having to learn HTML or CSS. My existing web space on Telstra wouldn't support Movable Type, though, so I began shopping for options, even going as far as to look at other ISPs...

... until I got a quiet e-mail from my friend Marcus, saying that his family hosting server could not only host my site, but it was also Movable Type-compatible. After a week or so's worth of trial and error, we got both Vickie's site and the site you see before you right now up and running. It's easy to update, I can update it from anywhere with a web browser and a working Net connection, and it's much better organised and laid out than the previous design.

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