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Short Biography

Originally posted on November 2, 2003

Some facts:

  • Name: Rob Farquhar

  • 182cm (5'11") tall, medium build, dark brown eyes, black hair.

  • Born in the United Kingdom on July 11 - that's right, I'm a Cancer.

  • Moved to Australia in 1988.

  • Lived in Sydney until 2005.

  • Residing in Queensland's Far North with my wonderful wife.

  • Working full-time as an administrator for the advertising sales team of a News Corp. newspaper.

And just for you geeks out there:

Version: 3.1
GL/IT d+@ s+: a- C++ W++ N w+ PS+ PGP- t+@ 
5++ X-(+) R++ tv b+++ DI+ D+ e h r++ y+
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