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Blame It On The Rain

Apologies for any painful late eighties flashbacks the title of this post may have caused, but it certainly sums up the day today. See, I was planning to get the lawn mowed; it's in a sorry, nigh-overgrown state and we want it looking nice when the Cazman shows up to mind the place while we gallivant off to the UK.

So I get out into the backyard this morning after doing some work on Vickie's website, clean our mower out (which it sorely needed), put some new line into the whipper-snipper, get the extension cords plugged in (our mower's a Flymo), start in on the top end of th back yard - and the power goes.

Turns out there was some sort of major outage out Galston way, and we were affected by it - I went out in the car to get some supplies, and the traffic lights were out all the way up to the Waitara Station set on the Pacific Highway. I don't think I've ever been more glad to see a set of working traffic lights, I tell you.

So I got the shopping done, had a roll of film from Vickie's camera developed (she's just finished it, and there are some photos from my birthday party in July that we absolutely have to post soon, either here or on Vickie's site) and picked up some lunch. By this time, the power was back, and after we'd eaten and I'd done some more web development work for Vickie, I decided to try the lawn again - and there's a big roll of thunder.

Half an hour later, the rain was coming down at a forty-five degree angle, and though it's stopped now, I don't think I'll be mowing the lawn with our electric mower today. I'll hold that until tomorrow morning; instead, I think I'll give poor Madam Lash a wash (she's still caked in red earth from that dust storm a few days back). Don't worry, you conservationists, I won't be using the hose; I'll just rinse her with buckets of water.

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