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Run, Talon, Run

Morning everyone! Well, it's evening still, I suppose, as I'm kicking this posting off at half past eleven on Friday night, but by the time I'm done I think it’ll be Saturday morning. Just so’s you know, I am officially on leave from work for the next three weeks; I’ve tied up all the loose ends in my queue and given the bloke who’s taking over from me while I’m away some thorough and updated documentation on my job – and when I arrive back, I fully expect it to be filled with revisions and corrections.

We fly out of Sydney on Monday evening, so if there’s anything you’d like to borrow from me in our absence, you’d better get in pretty quickly.

Some big thank-yous to a couple of our friends. Firstly, to the Cazman. As I wrote in a previous post, he has graciously agreed to mind our house while we’re in the UK. Enjoy, relax and don’t let the parties get too rowdy, mate!

And secondly, to Dan. While we played Crimson Skies on Wednesday night, he asked what time we needed to be at the airport; when I told him, he said he’d talk with Lesley, and if she were amenable, he’d give us a lift to the airport! He called me earlier this evening to confirm that Lesley was indeed amenable. Very much appreciated, mate; we weren’t looking forward to lugging our suitcases to the airport on the train! Sorry I didn’t have much time to talk this evening (I was having dinner with Mum and Dad at the RSL), and we need to be there by ten to seven, not six thirty as I originally mentioned.

After last week’s session of Heavy Gear, I’ve been over the personal and Gear combat rules a few times, trying to make the whole combat process streamlined and fun whilst working in ideas like Stealth (as every player’s Gear has a Stealth bonus of some sort, I’d better include those rules or else), indirect fire and those Gear perks that help resist damage (and the flaws that make it worse). As a result, I’ve identified several whoopsies I’ve been making with the rules (thank God I’ve only been making them in the simulated missions) and how to fix them. Part of that process is a new, somewhat more user friendly Gear record sheet I cobbled together for my players earlier this week. It’s intended to cut down on the adding the regular, fixed modifiers (skill, attribute, fire control/manoeuvre, weapon accuracy) together and make including the variable modifiers (distance moved, range) easier to determine and apply.

I’ve also been making notes on what’s coming next, both immediately and “long-term” (in terms of the campaign anyway). I think I now have a more firm grip on the overall campaign now than I’ve had for a while, and I think it’s safe to day that I’ll be able to get sessions running more regularly from here on in – or at least, after the upcoming holiday season, as I think everyone’s going to be rather busy over the next few months. (I'm wondering whether I'm not making notes in my campaign notebook that I already made several pages back.)

Oh, yeah – on top of all of that, I’ve started doing some work on the new Black Talon website. Once again, it’s Movable Type-powered, which is going to be a help in more than just the organisational and ease-of-updating sense – each of my players now has a logon ID, password and posting rights to the Black Talon blog, and I’m hoping they’ll contribute in-character mission reports and discussions on the rules, the flow of the campaign and what they want to see next. I’m not sure if anyone’s tried anything similar yet, so I hope I might even be setting a new trend! Maybe it'll be enough to earn my site a link from Dream Pod 9...

The site itself needs a bit more work, but I like how the Stormy style from Movable Type’s web site fits the whole Black Talon motif; that alone has cut a lot of development time out of the work needed. I've changed the link on the main page from the old to the new web site, so please wander in, take a look and let me know what you think!

I think I’m going to need this trip to England just to stop thinking about Heavy Gear for a while! It's like John T at work; he's not been able to get that "Run, Rabbit, Run" tune from the Visit Victoria ads out of his head for days now...

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