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More Case Options

I put in that order for the fan grille for Vickie's PC and a tube of decent thermal paste for the next time I have to clean the CPU heat sink with PC Case Gear. With any luck, it'll be delivered to our place on Friday. (Probably not, but I'm still hoping.)

While I was on their web site, I'd noticed they'd updated their specials. That GMC case I had my eye on was gone, but they'd replaced it and one of the other two special items with a pair of new cases, both of them intriguing - a 3R Systems Air case going for $80, and an A-Top Gladiator on sale for $90.

Now, I have to admit, the Galdiator did tickle the silly-bone in me, but I figured it'd look like I had a few too many tickets on myself, as Vickie likes to say. Besides, I liked the multi-function display on the front of the Air - it'd be handy for figuring whether a water-cooling system would be a worthwhile investment.

But, gentle reader, this morning I purchased the latest issue of Atomic, and what is in the venerable (five years old this month!) magazine's reviews section? I'll tell you what: The CoolerMaster Ammo 533. It looks like the ideal compromise between the minimalist-yet-cool design of the Air and the utter LAN-wankery of the Gladiator. And you can pick it up for $100, if you're lucky. It has no power supply, but I care not as I already have a sufficient PSU.

For those of you wondering why I'm looking at cool cases when I've never been much of a LAN head, well Vickie's grandson Rhys mentioned that he and some friends get together every now and again to play Winter Assault. And if I can wangle my way in, I'd like to attend ready to impress. I mean, it does look rather Imperial Guard-y, doesn't it? All I'd need to do would be spraypaint the Imperial Eagle and a "63" on it.

Then all I'd need would be a cheap, portable 17" monitor...

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