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Merry Xmas 2005, Everyone!

I think this will probably be too late for some, what with the traditional large lunch and / or consumption of gross qauntities of alcoholic beverage (considered traditional for the period) performing their usual separate and / or combined inducement of somnolence. It may even be (gasp!) early for those others in timezone-deprived locations.

Nonetheless, I wish you all a Merry (which I've been told actually meant "blessed" in the old tongue) Christmas. I hope your Day is as minimally drama-filled as possible (we've had our share of friction around the dinner table today, let me tell you), and the same goes for the rest of the holiday, whether (like me) you're just taking the public holidays off work, you're using some annual leave or even if you must (double gasp!) work today.

As it's nine PM and the free-to-air channels have their usual selection of dead-ratings-period carp, I'm off to watch a film that was gifted to me on DVD. I believe it captures the spirit of the season with unique verve, warm-hearted wit and family oriented charm. That's right: I'm going to watch War of the Worlds.

(Don't worry: I got Vickie the Harry Potter films.)

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