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Commence The Splurge!

UPDATE: Due to a local dispute over appropriate use of irony, the spelling in the post title has been corrected. Future use of "teh" will be reserved for use in conjunction with "l33tspeak" or other Internet-related irony. We now return you to our regular posting.

Well, now that Christmas and Boxing Days are out of the way, I reckon it's time to get materialistic. Dad sent me some money in the mail to spend on something I'd like. So, the first of the post-Xmas splurging has commenced:

  • I've put an order in at Amazon.com for Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Complete Campaigns. It looks like the only way I'll actually be able to see the whole damn series, as I don't think Columbia Tristar is going to release the last three Roughnecks DVDs (whether separately or as part of The Complete Campaigns) in Australia. On the same order, I've included the Starship Troopers movie soundtrack. Say what you will about the film, the music was damned good.
  • Speaking of Starship Troopers, I discovered that Reaper Miniatures do a line of paints that sells for $1 per pot less than Citadel's, so I've ordered some from Military Simulations. Although I'm paying $5.50 on top for postage, I reckon I still come out ahead once I factor in what I'd be spending on fuel for a trip to Smithfield and back (plus what fuel I'd burn to run the air-con). It also looks as though there's a general hobby shop in Cairns proper where I can most likely get some brushes and modelling scalpels. So I'll finally be able to get those MI and Bugs painted...

As I said, that's the first of the splurge. What about the rest of it?

  • Just recently our clothes dryer kicked the bucket; it was positively riddled with lint. Also, the subwoofer's dropped out again. It was a little flaky a few days ago, but a good slap managed to get it working again - until yesterday. It's apparent that there's some sort of dodgy connection in there, but as the subwoofer box has an Electrical Hazard - Do Not Open warning on it, I think I'll leave fixing it to a professional. So I'll likely be spending some money on a replacement dryer and a speaker repairman.
  • If we have any cash left over, though, I'm still ogling that CoolerMaster Ammo 533 PC case. Vickie and I are also contemplating a digital set top box. We recently got around to replacing our old aerial, and while the antenna guy was here, he demonstrated The Power Of Digital to Vickie (quit sniggering). Not only would we get solid signal on all channels, something that even a brand new antenna can't guarantee in our area, but each of them would be crystal clear. Vickie said that it was like having 3D TV. The good bit is, thanks to a deal through my employer, we can get electrical goods from Hardly Normal's at cost price, which means a set top box and a new dryer should actually be within our price range.
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