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Scraping and Tiling

How are you all spending your New Year's Weekend? Vickie and I are doing a little bit of renovation.

On Friday, we got a catalogue from Crazy Clark's, which featured some wood grain-patterned vinyl floor tiles going for $10 per box of 22. After replacing carpet and some old lino in the kitchen and dining room with a great wood pattern covering, the tiles looked like they'd go well for covering the hallway between the kitchen / dining room and the computer room at the front fo the house. We did some measurements, and figured that eight or nine boxes would cover not only the hallway, but also the computer room floor. All in all, it looked like a darned good deal, so we went out yesterday morning and bought nine boxes.

Well, we've done most of the hallway floor, and you know what? It's still looking like we got a darned good deal. We made two pleasant discoveries - that there's a layer of Masonite between the floorboards and the carpeting, were pleased to discover that the layer between the carpet and the actual flooring wassn't glued padding but a rubber-and-hessian underlay that was stapled down. It all came up very easily.

Laying the tiles was a bit tricky; we had to do some cutting on the near end of the hallway to make one of the sides fit properly. We've also left one of the sides undone, as we'll need to cut a lot of tiles to get it looking right. I'll get stuck into that today. You can see how much we've done so far here, and as you can see, someone's already enjoying the new surface:

Won't get up for less than 3 Bone-Os a day

We're also aiming to get the computer room done this weekend. From the looks of things, though, the computer room carpet's layer of padding is glued down. However, we also bought ourselves a large floor scraper from Bunning's that should go through that like a hot knife through butter.

The problem is going to be shifting all our crap out of the computer room. Here are a couple of Before photos:

The Computer Room Before - 1

See that big bookcase? Yep, gotta get all of the books out of that before we can move it. And then there're our PCs...

The Computer Room Before - 2
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