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Still Painting

We've employed Rhys, Vickie's grandson and an experienced house painter, to give our computer room a coat of cocoa parfait (a light coffee colour) paint. He arrived bright and early this morning - while I was out walking Zelda, in fact - and is getting the job done as I write.

The computers, of course, have been out of commission since Saturday. with any luck, we should be back online tonight, but I'm not counting on it - even if the painting gets done, I have the feeling the room wil still be quite paint fume-y for a day or two. Vickie's taken measures to reduce the smell, namely a bowl of vinegar on top of one of the bookcases, and it's succeeded; the only place that particularly smells of paint is the PC room.

We're also having a good look at the dining room, figuring out exactly what needs to be done with it. Rhys' mum (and Vickie's daughter), Deena, turned around one day and told us she's a good tiler, so we may well wind up saving some on having the kitchen splashback tiled. We're still to decide on what tiles we want, though.

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Could you please send me the formula for your cocoa parfait it is the color I painted our lasr home and I have missplaced the formula strip in our move Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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