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Painting the Computer Room: Almost Done

Finally, here are the photos I took of the emptied computer room:

Room before Painting

So, no carpet, no floor padding, no wallpaper or glue paper, just bare floors and walls. (You'll note the perspective is from the other end of the room than the one I took the Before photos from.

Now, here are the results of Rhys' paintwork so far:

Computer room after painting

Once again, this is back at the same end of the room as the Before photos. The paint we've used on the walls is a colour called "cocoa parfait", and we've noticed that, depending on the light, it can look cream, light chocolate or even almost mauve.

And, yes, we've moved our PCs back in already! :-)

Computers up and running

We've also taken the paint to the hallway, which looks much better as a result. Hell, almost anything woudl have been better than that drab, dark brown...

We're still waiting on Rhys to do the windowsills and door frames in white enamel; however, he managed to ding his foot on a concrete block the last time he was here and is resting it.

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