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RPG WikiProject on Wikipedia?

Here's one for all you Wikinuts out there: Jonas Karlsson, occasional commenter on this blog, is proposing a serious Wikipedia WikiProject on roleplaying games.

Now, I must admit, I'm probably not the best person for a WikiProject - after all, I drifted away from the first and last one I tried to kick-start myself due to lack of energy and eventually interest. But, if Jonas can attract more than one other person (and so far I'm the second to express interest), then I'd say we'd be able to put something solid together.

It's interesting that this comes at around the same time as I start doing some serious revision of my "What is a Roleplaying Game?" article on my wiki.

So would any of you guys and gals be interested?

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Hello Rob,

Having enough people onboard is crucial, I think, for the project to be fun for people involved. Many times before I've seen one or two people pour time and energy into working on a wiki project, without ever getting any positive feedback or a feeling that someone cares about their work. I want to avoid that this time, I don't want to get stuck on my own.

But I don't know what the best way to go about attracting people is. As you've seen there's a couple of interested people commenting my post, but I think it's hard to get more to speak up before there's some proof that the project will take off. Me included we're 7 people, and it shouldn't be impossible to get more when work has begun.

There's also the question on how much can actually be done on Wikipedia. Some of their guidelines are quite restrictive, which is good for "classical" knowledge but doesn't really apply to the RPG hobby. Usually blog or forum posts don't count as citable sources, and that's where most of the actual exchange of ideas is taking place for us. Perhaps there's a difference between blogs and blogs? And perhaps I'm just building obstacles where there are none, just to postpone starting the project? (^_^)

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