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You Probably Saw This Coming.

Yep, Gaming Night crashed and burned. One of the folks who was coming called at about half seven. He'd only just got home after working back. He even asked if something might be happening if he tried to make it out, but as it's an hour-and-a-half trip, I figured we'd probably be buggered by the time he arrived. (And an hour and a half back again if it doesn't pan out? That's a bit much to ask of him...)

I wound up calling the other guy at his home (found his number in the White Pages) - he and his friends tried to get out here and got lost, and he didn't think to write our phone numbers down; his friends said 'screw it', so they all went home. He was about to write me an e-mail when I called him. So, yeah, whatever back at you and your friends, other guy. At least the first guy had the good graces to call.

And you know what? He offered before and I was pretty non-committal (the dungeons and the dragons and all that), but if the first guy wants to do some Eberron sometime, I'd be up for it. He's got good manners, I'd like to play at his table.

Vickie suggested inviting Deena and her man Pete over; we might be able to get a little Chez Geek in after all.

I'm just damn glad I told Vickie she didn't need to cook for the party...

[UPDATE Sunday 15 Jan 1:30AM] Yep, Deena and Pete had fun with Chez Geek. We got two games in: Deena won the first, I won the second.

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Its not polite to just not show up - that's just poor manners.

Its disappointing though when you organise something and the people who said they would come pike, or worse, just don't show up, and don't call.

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