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"Life, Liz. Life happened."

If, like me, you've been wondering what he heck happened at Dream Pod 9 that turned it from a seemingly-successful RPG company with a sideline in miniatures to a movie company with a sideline in miniatures (which still publishes its existing RPG stock but isn't writing aything new), you will be very interested to see this post on the web log of Marc-Alexandre Vezina. Marc created the original Jovian Chronicles "Green Book" supplements for Mekton II back when Dream Pod 9 was itself a subsidiary of Ianus Publications and oversaw its establishment as a standalone RPG using DP9's Silhouette rules. He's answering a query by a gent on RPGnet, who asked the question that's been bugging me for a while: "... what the hell happened to Heavy Gear and Dream Pod 9?!"

The summary of Marc's answer, in his own words: "Nothing sinister, nothing evil, just life taking its course."

It's worth reading just to see what the old crew have been up to since they left the Pod.

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