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"Training Wheels" Rules for Rules-Free Play?

Well, after admitting to a possibly unhealthy interest in RP forums, I've gone and started a topic on one of them. I think it's an extension of this whole "GM-less/Player-less" business going on at the moment. I've asked the questions:

  • Are you aware of any texts, guidebooks or sets of rules that, either intentionally or otherwise, serve as a "training wheels for freeform" guide / set of rules? How do they work as training wheels, and how do they guide participants toward doing without them?
  • Have you, personally, had a "rules-free success story" similar to SteveD's (late last year, he admitted on RPGnet that his gaming group for his Buffy: The Vampire Slayer campaign was actually doing swimmingly without need for either the Buffy rulebook or himself as GM) with a traditional rules set? Did you find it happening in spite of the RPG rules you were using, or did it occur as an extension / result of those rules?

You can find the thread here. Responses are welcome on it.

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