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Hey, You Guys Aren't Junk Mail...

Several of you may have noticed that your comments ot the site have sat unapproved for a while. That's because, for some unknown reason, Movable Type 3.2 classified them as junk and didn't let me know you'd submitted them.

I only noticed your comments when I got another honest-to-god junk message waiting for my approval and I decided, rather than just delete it, to mark it junk and see what happened. It was moved to the Junk Messages list, which I finally decided to check - and horror of horrors, as well as around fifteen actual junk comments, I discovered comments from Salidar, Mandi, Gav, Lauren, Cheryl, Marcus and more, some as far back as the days after the upgrade to MT3.2!

So, as you should now be able to see, your comments have been approved and restored. I'm very, very sorry, and I promise to keep a weather eye on the junk bin from now on!

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and here I was thinking I was cookied in as a trusted commenter...

I bloody wish. MT3.2 only allows admins to assign a "trusted" status to people with a TypeKey sign in, and at the moment that's not working because of a timestamp issue related to, I believe, the lack of daylight saving where I am.

In fact, I had to drag my response to your comment on the What is a Roleplaying Game? article out from the junk list, and will probably have to do it again for this one.

Okay, it looks as though MT3.2's junk mail screening program was rating comments a little too severely. I've decreased the rating severity; I don't mind spammers getting past, as their comments still have to be approved by me before they go live.

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