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Sure Sign Vickie Is A Gamer, #12

Right at this moment, my Vickie is playing a game she downloaded from NineMSN, called Jewel Quest. According to her, she's been playing it since half past three today.

She has ignored the Santana CD I bought her earlier today.

She has missed dinner (which I bought for us from Red Rooster).

She is currently missing Judging Amy and may well miss Third Watch.

It'll be confirmed if I wake up tomorrow morning and she's still playing it.

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It's Zuma all over again!

It's worse than Zuma but there is an end in sight which is obtainable (I bombed out just a little short of it)
Rob should expect things like this - he knows I hate getting beaten.
The next game I played was Golden Tiles, which I gave up on at 2.30am - I reached game 100 and there were still 60 to go! LOL
Did anyone mention that I have an adictive personality?


Yay Vicki! I like to make them sit through gaming addtiction sometimes, gives them a great understanding of what we put up with.. I mean lovingly tollerate from them...

Though I think D's biggest complaint would be when he realised I wasn't stopping to make dinner...

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