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Aaaaand Cyclone Season is On!

Well, ladies and germs, it's official: The first tropical cyclone of the '06 Cairns Monsoon Season has been identified. Tropical Cyclone Jim is one thousand kilometres off the Innisfail coast and slowly heading out to sea. He's a Category 2 at the moment, and forecasters reckon that as Jim proceeds East he'll build into a Cat 3. Whether he'll about face and come back West again, we'll leave to fate.

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(((hugs))) You poor dears. Time to break out the wellings and macs, I guess. Here's hoping that Jim will stay where he is and burn out quickly.

Oh, I tell you, we've had the brollies and wellies (too damn humid for a mac) out for a few weeks now. It's been a rare evening that we haven't had a big downpour!

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