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clunk WHAM "Fuck."

The good news is, our front room is almost put together again. The painting in there has been done, we've repopulated the bookshelf and the computer desks have been put back into place, with all the cables neatly (well, semi-neatly) sorted and off the floor.

The bad news is that, in the process of tidying the cables, plugs and powerboards up, it seems I managed to break the power unit for our Speedtouch ADSL modem somehow. I have the feeling I may have let the unit fall to the floor after I unplugged it from the powerboard. It would only have been a foot or so's distance, and usually those things are fairly rugged.

I know it's the power unit and not the modem itself, as after I re-organised everything I had the plug for the modem in the Netgear router and vice versa; the modem worked while the router was offline. When I put the plugs in the right devices, the router started working while the modem wouldn't power on.

So, everything else is working, we just can't get to the Internet from home.

I'm going to be calling Telstra tonight. I would've done so last night except I forgot that the support line is open 24/7 and I was buggered after getting all those cables sorted out.

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You will probably have to go out and buy a new power unit. Is your Netgear router DSL? It is a pity if it is not. Now comes the question do spend the $50 on the power unit or do you go out and buy a new DSL Modem where you could go wireless.

The router's just a router (albeit a wireless one); the actual ADSL modem is a separate unit.

So AC adapters cost $50? Still cheaper than a new router or modem by about $80-100 (from Hardly Normal, anyway). We have other things we need to spend that money on at the moment, including a couple of ovverdue birthday presents.

And I've had enough trouble trying to get a wireless network going in my house: http://imagines.herstik.com/000614.html

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