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Firefly Season 2?

I first heard about this through Mandi, who e-mailed me a URL to an interesting site intended to gain support for a second season of Joss Whedon's cancelled-far-before-its-time show Firefly. I will confess to some skepticism about it, as Joss Whedon has gone on public record to say that "We'll never make Firefly again, because that was a thing that existed and is now gone."

Of course, the entertainment industry is littered with "nevers" that became "okay, maybe just once more"s, but considering that on the "Here's How It Was" making-of documentary, Joss said that Firefly "was the source of more joy and pain" than anything else he's done, I can certainly understand an unwillingness to revisit that territory for fear of getting horribly burned once again.

Still, this article on SciFi.com's SciFi Wire news service is making FireflySeason2.com look a little more credible. The guy behind it doesn't seem like Just Some Passionate Fan; it seems he has money and organisation, and perhaps the ears of some important folks.

And I know for sure that I'm one fan who wouldn't object at all for paying for a DVD of each new episode as it came out.

So, if you like Firefly or Serenity in the slightest, give FireflySeason2.com a shot. You never know; every little might just help take a certain Firefly-class transport back out to the Black again...

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If they'd launched something like this directly after Firefly's cancellation I'd be more hoepful, but after Serenity's performance at the box office I'm extremely doubtful this will get anything done.

And without any sign of Joss or Tim Minear being involved (Or the original cast indeed) I ain't signing.

*sigh* Celebrate and cherish what Firefly we have, cause it's long odds we'll be seeing any more.

Well, the guy himself also says that his effort ends if Joss says he's not interested/available. And let's face it, Joss' dance card is fairly full right now, what with Wonder Woman and all.

Still, long odds are better than no odds, right? And if all it costs is a two-minute survey, what's the harm?

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