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Curses! Beaten To It!

After my thus-far unsuccessful attempts to get some voice chat gaming going, Matt Snyder, creator of the Nine Worlds RPG and the Daedalus RPG e-zine, has gone and played a session of Nine Worlds over Skype. The overall result was a success, and Matt has even made recordings of the game session available online! I haven't heard them yet myself, but I will get downloading once I get home (assuming I can get an AC adapter for the ADSL modem today).

So come on, all you broadband-enabled slackers out there! I'm not just talking craziness here, it can be done and it can be done well! Who's up for a frigging game?

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I can help you out in this department as well.

Ventrilo (www.ventrilo.com) has a free VoIP client/server software suite. As long as you don't have more than the maximum number of folks (8 I believe), you can do very easy voice comms.

It's what my PvP guild uses, due to its *extremely* low bandwidth and CPU footprint. I recommend it highly!


No worries! I already have Ventrilo, which doesn't quite have the voice quality of Skype, but is rather handy for several chatters.

Of course, it requires someone to serve. Salidar has been doing that the alst few times, but now that we have a slightly fatter pipe, that might be a little easier for me.

Well it would be worth a listen. :) Scheduling is always a challenge though.

Don't I know it. Oh, God, don't I know it!

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