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Nice Vista of the Halo, Chief

Microsoft has announced that the PC version of Halo 2 (Holy shit! They are doing one!) will only run on the latest, yet-to-be-released iteration of Microsoft's PC operating system, Windows Vista.

It seems like a rather cynical marketing move to me - after all, the Xbox versions of Halo and Halo 2 run on the same basic engine, and we're already seeing Halo 2 levels of graphical detail (the only technical reason that seems plausible enough to hold the game over until Windows Vista) in current and upcoming PC games.

Of course, I'm happily playing it on the Xbox, but how do you PC guys who've been steadfastly hanging out for the Halo sequel feel about all this? Heck, considering the talk about how Windows Vista will need a hefty 3D video card and a gig of RAM minimum, what sort of beast PC do you reckon you'd need to get Halo 2 running smoothly and at a decent level of detail?

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