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New Monkey in Japan

Fans of that seventies kids' action seires, Monkey (I know one IMAGinewS member at least who as the DVDs), may be interested to know that an eleven-episode remake has broken viewing records in Japan and across Asia.

According to the BBC, a British company has secured the rights and will screen the show in the UK later this year.

By the way, anyone remember how I was saying a few years ago how the anime Cyber City Oedo 808 was another take on the original Monkey story? Three heroes / crims - a smartass, a calm and detached one and a big, tough one - serving a priest / cop under duress? Plus the fact that, according to this resource on the new series, both the lead characters have the same name (Son Gokuu, The Monkey King / Officer Sengoku)? Doesn't seem as much of a stretch...

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This myth (journey to the west) is probably the most remade/referenced/reinterpreted myth in Japan, and it's quite popular in China too. You know dragonball is based on it too? Sengoku is a warring period in Japanese history though, could still be a reference even so.

I was thinking of Dragon Ball (Son Gohan & Son Gokuu) when I posted that.

Not that I've seen much Dragon Ball.

Gokuu had a tail, right?

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