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New Gamer In Town

Now for RPG-related news item the second: Been trading e-mails with the gent who organises ReefCon lately. He's having a hell of a time with his job, which has left him little time to organise Game Days, let alone the next ReefCon; it's all he can do to actually relax on weekends!

But just when I thought that any chance of decent face-to-face gaming was well and truly scotched for the next few months, I get an e-mail yesterday from a bloke who's just moved up to Cairns form Brisbane, and when I write "just", I mean he, his wife (who also games) and kids (who are a bit too young at the moment) arrived last week! He found the IMAGinES web log just before the move and figured I'd be a good person to fill him in on the Cairns gaming scene once he and his family got here.

We wound up spending some time instant messaging each other yesterday afternoon, trading photos, history and general info on the Cairns gaming scene. I called him last night, and Vickie and I will be going over their place this coming Saturday for a nice casual get-together. I'll let you know how we do!

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Woo! Best of luck for that! :)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. There may be a game in the works yet.

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