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Meeting Simon and Cristel

Well, we didn't get any gaming today. And you know what? It didn't matter.

We headed out Edge Hill way at around half past one, and arrived at Simon and Cristel's just after two. Simon and Cristel are a good pair of folks, very warm and personable, and definitely make no bones about their RPG interest. Of course, they were talking to known gamers, but when they have at least one of their living room bookshelves dedicated to AD&D and other assorted RPG stuff (including some fun books filled with traps to make dungeon-exploring PC's lives a misery, not to mention short) I doubt they'll be particularly backward on coming forward about their hobby to non-gamers.

We spent at least three-and-a-half hours talking about all sorts of stuf; gaming histories, current tastes in RPGs, old friends left behind, Cairns, why Brisbane sucks, SF, movies, I even sumarised my usual Starship Troopers rant pretty ably. We met Simon and Cristel's four girls (a handful whom the two manage pretty well), got a tour of their place (which has a fantastic covered patio area just ripe for some gaming) and had a generally great time. Oh, and Simon and Cristel are WWE fans.

In case you're wondering, yes, I did pull Primetime Adventures and Dogs in the Vineyard out, and they had a look, but as we were having a great time as it was, I didn't feel any urgency to get a game going - right then, just geeting to know these folks better was definitely more important than trying to rush into gaming. Still, we're getting together next week for some DitV, and we're seriously considering going forward with some AD&D and / or Starship Troopers.

Oh, and we're getting there a little early so we can do some group bonding over WWE Raw. Well, Cristel, Simon and I will, anyway. Vickie will probably be too busy gagging on the sheer steroid-overdrive, paper-thin-plotline cheese...

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