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Wonky Monday

Evening everyone. I was feeling a little ill last night and this morning, so I spent the day at home to recuperate. I'm feeling okay at the moment, so back to work tomorrow; there's still some hand-over that needs to be done so that the others in my area aren't left in the lurch when we rack off to the UK.

Boots loaned us his six-DVD collection of Band of Brothers on Saturday night; we watched a fair chunk of it on Sunday and finished it off today. Did we enjoy it? Let me put it this way: We're thinking of picking a copy up for ourselves when we get back from England.

I used my sick-time to finish up transferring the rest of the material from the old site over to MT. The RPG Stuff, Reviews, Short Stories and Editorials sections are as complete as I'd like in terms of old material. There are some old RPG Stuff items I don't want to bring across, and I've also decided to leave the older-than-2003 News where it is; just putting all the News back to the first of January this year has been work enough. I'll probably put a December 31st, 2002 post in with a link back to the old stuff.

Vickie's been to the dentist's today and has a full smile again! She'll be going back in February to get a little more fix-up stuff done.

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