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Don't Game And Drive

Morning all - no, hang about, it's afternoon, isn't it? That's right - the clocks went forward an hour this morning. Bloody daylight saving. I'm still feeling exhausted after last night, but it was fun. I forgot throw a planned character interaction into the Black Talon session, but that just gave us more time to fiddle with the combat system. Gav, unfortunately, got killed out a little early (thankfully, it was a training simulator, so his character didn't die), and as Vickie was being a target designator, she really didn't have much to do, and was quite bored as a result.

I'd been a little worried about Vickie not having enough to do in the game. Her Gear is more a reconnaissance unit than a combat vehicle, so much so that I'm thinking of taking Vickie out of her Dark Cheetah Gear and putting her into something heavier - although she's not that much less powerful than half of the opponents the team faced last night.

I'd had the idea of introducing a "surprise" encounter so she could try some one-on-one combat - but I'd completely forgotten about it whe I was drawing up the map of the area, and I have the feeling that if I'd managed to incorporate an opponent for Vickie, the others (especially Boots and Dan) would've been so meticulous in keeping their eyes open that it would've been dead before it had even got near her. Or maybe not - there was enough cover to hide an opponent or two, I just set the opponents up as fish in a bowl, thinking there'd be enough challenge there.

Ah, well. I'm learning for next time.

We also introduced Boots to Chez Geek, but between dinner and people having to leave, we weren't able to squeeze any complete games in. He's keen on it, though; he's looking for a new game for him and his lady. I send him an e-mail this morning with the suggestion that, considering he's something of a military historian, he might prefer Chez Grunt instead.

By the time everyone was ready to leave it was one AM, and Boots was keen to get home as he's working today. As I'd picked him up from his place, I agreed to drive him back, which, in retrospect, was a very silly move. We'd had a pretty busy night - I'd actually had a long drive earlier on, picking up Boots from his place and then diverting on the way back to pick Gav up from Berowra, and although I didn't feel really tired on the way back to Boots', I was really struggling to keep my eyes open on the way home. I strayed halfway into the overtaking lane a couple of times. It's no wonder Vickie was waiting up for me. So, folks, if you're having a late night of gaming, don't drive any long distances.

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