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Gear on the Brain

Afternoon everyone! I've not posted anything new for three days (except for some new musings still in draft), which has allowed me to build up some material. I'm still yet to drag some the rest of the material from the old site, unfortunately; I'm not sure whether I'll import all the news posts (which will take ages) or just get all of 2003 (leaving 2002 and 2001 behind). The RPG Stuff is the next biggest deal; there's a lot of table-format info that I'll need to look at the HTML code for, and I'm wondering whether some of it could be left behind anyway.

It looks as though this evening may be rainy, but I'm going to be spending most of the evening working out the details of tomorrow's Heavy Gear: Black Talon session anyway. With any luck, Dan and I should be able to get his blue booking session out of the way this evening as well. Mandi won't be able to make it tomorrow, so it'll just be Boots, Dan, Gav and Vickie playing. I pretty much know how things are going to go down, although I want to try and define some of the NPCs a bit better before then. With a bit of luck, I should be able to referee a session of cracking Geary action (if only in simulators) with a few plot points thrown in for good measure.

As part of my prep, I've been fiddling around with the Heavy Gear Vehicle Construction System in the 2nd. Edition Technical Manual; most of my players have wanted to make changes to their weapon loadouts. I was soert of dreading it, because I thought it meant rebuilding the vehicles from scratch - but even though that is the case, the actual construction system is very quick and easy to use. All you really need is a calculator, a basic understanding of things like squares, powers and roots and a firm idea of what you want your vehicle to do and it usually takes around half an hour and a single sheet of paper, if those, to come up with a working, game-statted design.

I managed to nip over to the Tin Soldier on Wednesday. It looks like they've stopped carrying the Heavy Gear minis, so if I need some more, I'll probably order them through the Sydney Games Centre, up the road from where I work. They're still stocking the latest Dream Pod 9 books, though, and although they didn't have the 3rd Edition Player's Handbook, they did have the 2nd Edition Jovian Chronicles and Gear Krieg Handbooks, plus the CORE Rules and the CORE Command books released to date. In typical gaming geek fashion, I was tempted - I used to own a lot of the 1st Edition Jovian Chronicles product, before I gave it to Mike Z in thanks for his Panther-B, Bubblegum Crisis: Sydney 2033 and Slamdance art, and the 2nd Edition rulebook, with combined material from the original rulebook and the Companion, is something I wouldn't mind picking up sometime. That CORE Command stuff looks funky also - but we have a trip to the UK that cash really ought to be saved for, not to mention that bloody aerial that I've been meaning to buy for us for yonks (I want to get that done after we get back). Oh, and there's that Christmas thing coming up as well - thankfully, I have a good bit of dosh stowed away in a Christmas Club account, and Vickie's been buying pressies well in advance, so we should be covered.

Most of tomorrow is going to be a clean-up day in preparation for the holidays, and on Sunday we're going to be hauling the suitcases down and start making lists of what we want to pack.

The more I see of the Battlestar Galactica Xbox game, the more keen I am on getting it. I checked with EB today, and although it looks due to hit the States in November, it's not going to be released here until February. Bit of a bugger, really. Oh well, at least there'll be Crimson Skies in the meantime. My fingers are crossed that we get the new mini-series sometime soon as well, because I'd really like to see it.

TRON 2.0 looks like it's in the running for an award in the 2003 Machinima Awards, and Red Vs. Blue is up for six! As their nominated categories don't overlap, I say go the both of them!

On a more serious note, it looks like there've been all sorts of parliamentary shenanigans during the visit of George W. Bush. The previously-linked article is an interesting indictment of the freedom of the press when it comes to Australian parliamentary sessions, although it's tempting to consider the source. It's not a comforting thought that our own PM is conducting the sort of censorship you'd expect of the USSR (or even the US, if there weren't that darned constitution getting in the way). It's even less comforting that it was an American news provider that got the news to us.

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