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M4d Pr0pz 2 M4 H0m13z

I was watching this article on 60 Minutes last night on final-year exam-related youth suicide last night. Two sisters were talking about their younger brother who took his life on the eve of the HSC a few years ago; they read some poetry that friends wrote to him after his death. While I was listening to that, my first thought was, "How come no-one wrote this obviously heartfelt stuff to him before he died?" More relevant to this posting was also this selfish little subtext that went, "How come no-one writes poetry to me?"

(Well, someone does write poetry to me, and I really ought to be more appreciative of that.)

But on the heels of that came an even more important question: "How come I don't write poetry to my friends?"

The easy, pat answer is that I'm not a poet, I'm really not (you should see some of the inane doggerel I've written in the past; then again, maybe you shouldn't), but I suppose the real answer is that I never really give much thought to how lucky a person can be to have a bunch of good friends. Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose; we see some of you regularly, but most of the time we exchange the occasional e-mail.

Blogs tend to be about their authors, and this one's no exception. You have no idea how wonderful it is that a bunch of people are actually so interested enough in what I get up to (and, I assume, the way I write about it) to willingly read my postings and mail-outs for around two years now. I'm occasionally critical of the people I know, simply because it's easier to be critical than to be supportive or praiseful. So, enough about me for the rest of this post and a more about you guys.

Thank you very much, all of you, those who read this blog and those who don't, everyone I met and liked or met and didn't like right off but got to know better despite myself, everyone who's still willing to be friends through my bitching and avoidance of commitment. I don't want to name names, because I'd quite by accident leave someone out and I don't think the list could be long enough, so suffice it to say: to everyone I know, everyone I've forgotten, those of you who read these posts and those who don't even know IMAGinES exists - you're top people, all of you guys and gals, even if I sometimes don't appreciate you as much as you deserve.

Despite the flippancy of this post's title, I mean that.

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